Op deze pagina staan de recensies die ik heb gehad voor Ellen's kralenbloemen. Ik beloof dat ik altijd alle recensies ongecensureerd zal publiceren, wat ze ook zeggen. Zolang ze maar over Ellen's kralenbloemen gaan! (behalve spel- en grammaticafouten, die mag ik er wel uithalen)

Alle recensies worden (onvertaald) naar de engelse website gekopieerd zodat zo veel mogelijk mensen jouw mening kunnen lezen!

Quotes I was the lucky winner of a DIY rose kit. As soon as it arrived, I started working on it and within minutes I had created my first leaf! The instructions are so clear and easy to follow and I had absolutely no problems assembling any part of it despite being a complete novice. I was going to give this to my sister, but I love it too much so I'm keeping it for myself and buying her chocolate instead!! Quotes
Samantha Willis
Very Happy Prize Winner!

Quotes My custom order rose came folded flat , so it couldn't deform while shipping. all it took was some minor bending, and i had a beautiful rose. Kudos. Quotes
Henk-jan Raaijen
satisfied customer

Quotes prachtige roos gekregen en een tak freesia. mooi werk schitterend. Quotes
tante ingrid

Quotes heel mooie fuchsia`s en een prachtige freesia heb ik nu, daar wil ik er nog graag een van, maar dat hoor je nog wel. veel succes wens ik je toe, heel mooie hobby. groetjes oma. Quotes
schitterende bloemen

Quotes Wow what a good way to present all year around such a beautiful tender fuchsia like you made for me! Together we decided that the first attempt was missing something and you really found out which part was missing or needed some changes! The second blue fuchsia is worth every euro! Dreams do stay true for great flowers even in wintertime! Thanks! Quotes
Gea Duister

Quotes It was great planning together which flower would be suitable for my friend. You took my suggestions seriously and reformed all into this great Lotusflower. It felt great to be able to give such a beautiful made present to my friend! A perfect hit you made! To make the lotus with open heart was such a great idea! Thanks for the great working together and the quick and neat delivery! Quotes
Gea Duister
give away Lotus

Quotes Ellen, your flowers are really beautiful. I'm very satisfied with my white flowers, look lovely. And, by the way, they're not expensive at all. Quotes
Tiny Ravnjak
very satisfied customer

Quotes These bead flowers are so delicate and perfect - pictures really can't do them justice. I have mine in the window and they're so pretty when the light reflects in the beads. Quotes
Jenni Bergman
satisfied customer